Your Trip to Digital Transformation

A 2 stages journey : understand to act for the best

A Personalized journey according to your needs

In order to act for the best of your interests, it's important du start by understanding the digital challenges, in the frame of acculturation and learning phases (depending on your needs which we identify during the initial 4"A" positioning analysis).

This first stage is followed by one or more flash analysis, to clarify your requirements for personalized assistance, and the way it will be realized.

Our 6 modules


Executive briefings (120 min)

  • Adapt or Perish / How to Adapt
  • Briefings individuels (45 min)

  • What is a digital transformation for an organization and how to manage it?
  • How to increase your competitiveness and innovation capacity?
  • How to collaborate with your ecosystem to benefit from collective intelligence?
  • Trainings (1 day)

  • Mastering the digital transformation fundamentals.
  • Implementing an economic and strategic intelligence.
  • Deploying methods and tools for an efficient collaboration with your ecosystem.
  • Workshops (1/2 day)

  • Smooth digital transformation.
  • Increasing competitiveness with economic and strategic intelligence.
  • Collaborative work with your ecosystem: tools and best practices.
  • (Act)

    Flash Diagnostic (2 days)

  • Business model and value proposition analysis (attractiveness).
  • Analyser l’expérience clients (differentiation).
  • Ecosystem-wide collaboration tools and methods analysis (competitiveness).
  • Personalized assistance (flexible duration)

  • Your digital transformation journey, from ideation to implementation.
  • New value proposition & business model implementation (attractiveness).
  • New customer experience implementation (differentiation).
  • Ecosystem-wide collaboration implementation (competitiveness).

  • Benefits of the trip: 5 areas of improvement

    In order to obtain the optimal development results, we include digital acculturation and adoption in the frame of the digital transformation journey, before considering the 3 development levers attractiveness (with the evolution of the value proposition and the business model), differentiation (by enchanting the customer experience) and competitiveness (leveraging the collective intelligence).