Your Digital Maturity

Positioning yourself prior to
starting the digital transformation journey

Clarify the digital maturity

In order to experience the "digital transformation journey" in best conditions, we must start with an agreement on your enterprise's digital maturity.

Together, we analyse where your organization is positionned on 5 axes (Acculturation, Adoption, Attractiveness, Differentiation and Competitiveness) in its ecosystem.

The 5 axes we use to position a digital maturity on a 0-5 scale are...

Acculturation to digital

It's the existing level of knowledge and the access to digital experts, in order to master digital challenges and related subjects, which the enterprise can leverage to understand the impact of digital on its business. We clarify together how much digital is part of the culture of the managers, the employees, and the actors of the ecosystem. Our goal is to understand who knows digital, to which extend, and if any, who the official digital activities sponsors are within the enterprise and its ecosystem.

Adoption of Digital

These are the existing mechanisms and programs within the enterprise, to conduct a digital acculturation. The adoption includes all activities enabling the enterprise to progress in its digital acculturation, and its adoption as a productivity tool, its integration in business processes, its value proposition and the customer experience.

Attractiveness because of digital

Digital is a lever to enhance the value proposition. Where relevant, depending on your industry, we measure the level of integration of digital in your value proposition and its benefits to drive the evolution of your product(s) / service(s) attractiveness.

Differentiation because of digital

It's the integration of digital in the frame of the customer experience, its use in the frame of the interaction moments (aka as micro-experiences). Dur to the massive deployment of digital, your clients are eventually agile and connected. They're in a position with no precedent, they don't buy products anymore, but are looking for experiences and trusted partners, they don't accept anymore ready-made answers, they expect real time, personalized and contextual meaningful insights instead. The enterprise's differentiation is directly dependent to its ability to leverage the appropriate use of the digital in the frame of this evolving relationship and experience.

Competitiveness because of digital

It's the use of digital to drive the enterprise's agility, rapidity, flexibility and ability to learn in a perpetual way in a hypercompetitive context, where unknown competition may come from unknown regions (because the world changes into a global village), from adjacent ecosystems, a context where barriers to entry are falling, for the benefit of barbarian startups capable of destroying a business in an ecosystem, because its compatible with their business success.
In this context, the enterprise must eventually leverage the collective intelligence to increase its market understanding and capacity of hearing weak signals about trends and competitors activities, develop strategic and economic intelligence, and implement best practices around collaborative work inside the enterprise, but also with its entire ecosystem, with an appropriate use of digital technologies.