Evaluate your digital maturity

To begin, we clarify together your needs
by assessing the digital maturity
of your organisation, with the 4 "A" scale

ASSIMILATE - You wish to understand what are the possible impacts of digital
on your business, and analyze response strategies to its deployment.

ADOPT - You wish to integrate digital in your products/services offer
to increase your value proposition and differentiate.

ACCELERATE - Digital is already part of your activity, and you wish to master
the methods and best practices driving the success of digital champions.

ANTICIPATE - Your business may be “überized” (competition on your core business /
disintermediation / interference), you must quickly understand and take action.

activate the levers
of your development

There are 3 levers you can use to manage
a successful digital transformation



This lever consist in driving the evolution of your product(s)/services(s) offer to enhance the attractiveness of your value proposition (VP). It's generally combined with a business model (BM) change.


Technology, mobility and the internet have made customers exponentially smarter and faster, and put them in control like no other time in history. Your clients are connected and agile. It's eventually mandatory for the enterprise to design a pleasant and meaningful customer experience with the brand (BX - Brand eXperience), adapt the user interfaces (UX - User eXperience), simplify the customer journey online and offline (CX - Customer eXperience), to delight her experience.


To increase its competitiveness, the enterprise must leverage the collective intelligence available in its ecosystem. This way the enterprise becomes and remain well informed and aware of market expectations, competitors activities, thanks to strategic and economic intelligence (SEI) and the collaborative work (CW) best practices integration in the enterprise business processes.

combining multiple levers

With the right use of digital and a good orchestration, a combination of the 3 levers will produce the best results to accelerate the development of the enterprise. This will drive the enterprise to become an agile, flexible, efficient and learning organization.

"digital transformation tour"

To decide which lever to use,
we organize a 2 stages journey:
understand, then act,
based on 6 modules.

  • Executive briefing

    Adapt or perish / How to Adapt - During this briefing, we cover the drivers forcing the entreprises to conduct a digital transformation. We identify the impacts resulting from the massive adoption of digital. Finally, we propose an adaptation plan with framed stages, to succeed while experiencing the journey.

  • Individual Briefings

    In the frame of individual briefings, you will receive an expert advice on your situation. Together, we position your digital acculturation and adoption levels, to envisage the stages of your journey to take the best from the 3 levers "attractiveness", "differentiation" and "competitiveness", you will use to conduct a successful development, thanks to digital.

  • Trainings

    The trainings enable true hands-on experience with the tools you need to choose and leverage the available levers to reach your development objectives.

  • Workshops

    These interactive workshops, in presence or remote (web conference), drive the progressive digital acculturation of your employees, prior to extend it to your ecosystem members (your providers, partners, distributors and customers).

  • Flash Diagnostics

    In the frame of your ecosystem, these analysis of your value proposition, customer experience and your possible leverage of the collective intelligence, will clarify your needs for assistance. They deliver a kind but not complacent vision of your situation, to provide you with some strategic directions, recommendations and action plan.

  • Personalized assistance

    From ideation to implementation, it's the path to a successful transformation. The assistance will help clarify your options and make choices, identify partners, and drive the design of new value propositions and business models, enchanting customer experience, and the implementation of best practices for collaborative work.

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